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Our Local Issues – Making Our Communities Better Every Day

In the Texas Legislature, my first priority is to take care of my folks back home. Over the years I’ve been involved in countless projects we needed here to make our neighborhoods better ranging from transportation to crime reduction. Here are a few of the issues I’ve worked on that affect everyday life in House District 128:

  • In 2013, I authored and passed legislation (House Bill 1127) that gives counties, and their law enforcement agencies the authority to shut down illegal game rooms that are a breeding ground for serious crime, drug abuse, and even murder in our area.
  • Worked hand in hand with our cities, the Harris County Commissioners Court, and TXDOT to insure that the state made projects we desperately need to reduce traffic congestion, including the Spur 330 connection from State Highway 146 to I-10 and FM 2100 in Crosby a priority. These routes don’t just cut down the time we have to sit in traffic, they also provide better options in the case of a hurricane evacuation situation.
  • In 2015, I authored and passed House Bill 2187 that gives local law enforcement additional authority to crack down on wire and copper theft – a big problem in our district that endangers the safety of our citizens.
  • In 2007, I authored and passed House Bill 3011 which created the Houston Ship Channel Security District, protecting our port from terrorists and other security threats.
  • I have also worked diligently with Texas Parks and Wildlife Department to ensure that Battleship Texas stays afloat in our water. This historic treasure brings tourism to our area, and deserves to remain in the hands of people who appreciate its importance.

The Budget – “The Most Conservative Session in Texas History”

Last session the Texas Legislature had what Governor Greg Abbott called “the most conservative session in Texas history,” and our state budget was a large part of that legacy. Texas upheld our commitment to low taxes by providing breaks for home and business owners across the state.

  • Along with my conservative colleagues in the Texas House, we took pride in a balanced state budget that stayed well beneath the constitutional spending cap. Following the 84th Legislative Session, the state’s “Rainy Day Fund” reached a record $11 billion. The House and Senate also worked together to continue our commitment to Texas students by adding an additional $1.5 billion for public schools.
  • As a small business owner, I understand the importance of reducing the business margins tax, so I fought for legislation which led to a 25% reduction and a $2.6 billion tax cut. For fellow home owners, I co-authored legislation to increase the homestead exemption by $10,000, resulting in a $1.2 billion tax cut statewide.

Statewide Issues – Securing Our Border, Protecting Our Values

Recently I’ve also worked on legislation has a larger, statewide, impact. Many of these issues must be addressed in the Texas Legislature because the federal government has failed to hold up their end of the bargain or they have failed to promote the solid, conservative, legislation that people in Texas stand for. Some of these issues include:

  • I co-authored legislation which put more state troopers and technology on the border and provides and additional $800 million in new funding to secure our southern border.
  • One of the many problems we faced in the battle against illegal immigration is the issue of illegal aliens unlawfully voting, which is why I supported and helped see passage of the Texas Voter-ID Law.
  • Additionally, I’ve co-authored legislation in the past which would have prohibited sanctuary cities in Texas. This legislation did not pass in the Texas Senate, but I plan to lead its passage next session.
  • I supported legislation to defund Planned Parenthood in the state of Texas. Pro-life legislation is a priority for me and I am proud to have been rated 100% from Texas Right to Life last session.
  • I helped pass legislation that protects pastors from frivolous lawsuits they may have faced for refusing to perform same sex marriage ceremonies, or other acts against their religiously held beliefs.
  • I co-authored the “Open Carry” legislation to allow law abiding Texans to openly carry their firearms in public. As a veteran, and lifetime member of the NRA, I understand the importance of protecting oneself and family.
  • I have continually fought against the expansion of President Obama’s terrible health care policies in our great state, and will continue to do so in Austin. It’s unconstitutional mandates are ruining small businesses, and it must be fought at the state level. I will continue to fight to drive down the cost of healthcare.
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